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Course Selection for September 2019


Grade 10 Course Selection

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Grade 11 and 12 Course Selection
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Grade 9 students at Beaconsfield Junior High and St. Johnís Bosco will start the high school course selection process Monday, March 4th, 2019 with a presentation during class time. During this presentation students will be provided with a course selection sheet, a three-year plan and the Dept. of Educationís Oncourse Handbook for Grade 9 students and parents which is also available online at: https://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/edu/publications/k12/Grade9OnCourseHandbook_11th_Edition.pdf

Parents and Grade 9 students are invited to an information session at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 6th, 2019. The session will be held in the gymnasium at Waterford Valley High. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce students and families to the high school program and provide assistance in making course selection choices. Department Heads and teachers from WVH will be present to answer any questions you may have about course specifics.

Grade 11 and 12 Course Selection will start on Monday, March 11 with Grade level presentations. Homeroom teachers will work with students throughout the week to ensure they select courses the meet career aspriations and graduation requirements. Sheets will be due back to Homeroom teachers Friday, March 15th.


New Courses for September 2019

Computer Science 1204

Brief Course Description:   Computer Science 1204 is a  computer science course where students will build skills in the first four units of the course so that they are equipped to complete a project in the final unit. In units two and three, students will build skills in block based and text based programming languages. In unit four students will use their coding abilities to build skills in interfacing and controlling electronic devices. In unit five, Students will complete an innovation challenge where they will code an interfaced device to create a solution to an authentic problem.


Visual Art 1202

Brief Course Description: It is practical foundational course that can be expanded and elaborated upon in studio courses at further grade levels. In Visual Art 1202, students will become re-familiarized with the elements and principles of design. Students will develop foundational and media specific skills and techniques as they create art using a range of media. Students will learn to critically analyze as well as reflect upon artwork they view and create within contexts across a spectrum of time periods and cultures. Through creative and critical art-making and viewing experiences, students will delve into new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic exploration and experimentation.


Social Studies 2201 / Sciences humaines 2231

Brief Course Description: Social Studies 2201 / Sciences humaines 2231 Ė this course engages students in an examination of the human experience from pre-history to the 20th century; it is organized thematically, with topics that build on each other throughout the course that helps students develop a deep understanding of the complex interplay between ideas, economics, politics, and international relations; students develop the ability to investigate and respond cogently to multifaceted questions; this course provides the necessary context for topics examined in Social Studies 3201 / Science humaines 3231; topics include: Ideas and Technological Change, The Scientific Revolution, Government, The Enlightenment,  and the Rights of Citizens, Trade, Money, and the Rise of Modern Business, Capitalism, The Industrial Revolution, Socialism, Conflict Among Nations


Social Studies 2202

Brief Course Description: same topics as Social Studies 2201, but with reduced depth of treatment; not intended for students seeking an academic or honours diploma.




March 06, 2019

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